Episode 10

Published on:

19th Oct 2022

10: What is polyculturalism and why is it important?

Do you feel constricted by the dominant Asian American stereotype?

Growing up with two or more cultural influences can create expectations (both internal and external) about how we should show up in the world; liberating ourselves from those expectations creates the space for us to become who we really are.

In episode 10 of the Asian Detox Podcast, TJ Wey and guest Julia Huang explore the invitation of polyculturalism, the richness of culture that results from embracing diversity rather than homogeneity and encountering the conversation around race as Asian Americans, highlighting in particular:

  • The difficulties of living internationally, integrating, and feeling “at home” somewhere as a multicultural person
  • The importance of “narrative plenitude” and the many stories that represent aspects of every culture, rather than a single stereotype
  • Encountering racism and the conversation around race in America as Asian Americans (even when we don’t really know what that means)
  • What is polyculturalism, how it differs from multiculturalism and how young Americans are becoming hypercultural
  • How culture, art and media influence our identities and the positive and negative outcomes of that

“The world is so much more interesting; the world is so much better because of diversity. Right? What a boring world it would be if everything was just one way of thinking!”

Julia Huang

S1 E10, Asian Detox Podcast

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The Asian Detox Podcast
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Welcome to the ASIAN DETOX PODCAST, a podcast made for Asian Americans as we navigate life in two very different cultures, come to terms with our identity and share experiences of adjusting to a new way of being.

On this podcast, TJ Wey, a financial and abundance expert who is on track to retire by the age of 40, will share stories of people escaping the hustle culture in their lives and describing what that journey looks like for them.

As a financial expert, TJ's focus will be on the Asian money mindset, how to shift to an abundance mindset, discussing past money mindsets and how and if they need to be rewired and reframed and what - mind shift changes were needed when choosing the path of business over traditional career paths.

TJ is your #VeryAsian, non-binary, gluten-and-dairy-free money habits coach, helping Asian American small business owners escape the hustle culture and build their abundant life.

Zhi is on track to retire by 40, working independently and earning zir own way, after over a decade of working in corporate America as an IT Project Manager and following the Asian-Parent approved path.

TJ is known for zir work on Abundance and creating wealth systems that help others to reach their financial goals and desired lifestyle.

This is a bi-weekly podcast, with 12 episodes per season. TJ will be doing solo episodes speaking about zir own experiences as an Asian American, how zhi managed to be on track to retire by 40 and helping you understand how to create an abundant lifestyle that feels good to you and your culture. Zhi will also be bringing on guests to share their own shared experiences as an Asian American.

This podcast will leave you inspired, open your mind to understanding how much wealth is available to you and provide amazing lifestyle shifts that will help you feel great about your own culture while choosing to live a life that is off the beaten path.

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We hope that with this podcast you will come to realize that you can design your abundant life in a way that honors your heritage while enjoying a life of ease and alignment. And you can do it while making money and building generational wealth.

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TJ Wey (zhi/zir) is your #VeryAsian, non-binary, gluten-and-dairy free money habits coach. After over a decade in corporate America as an IT Project Manager, zhi is on track to retire by 40. Zhi wants to help Asian American small business owners escape the hustle culture and live their abundant life through better money habits and financial foundations.